Monday, August 11, 2008

First Ever Magic Trick Reveal

Hi there Views have been pretty low so for you Loyal viewers i am going to reveal a magic trick just for you.

Mind Reading Card Trick
Difficulty 1 out of 10

Your spectator freely chooses a card memorizes it and the magician cuts it into the deck the magician then does a few more convincing cuts. After these fair cuts the magician asked the spectator to focus on his card and imagine it in there mind as the magician goes though the cards he gets a psychic "vibe" quickly selects a card from the pack and slowly turns it over and it is the card the spectator choose.

This is a very simple but very effective card trick. This trick is based on your acting abilities more than anything else as it requires no sleight of hand.


Before you start the trick look at the bottom card and memorize it will say its the 2 of spades.

You then let the spectator pick any card they want from the deck.(4 of hearts)

You tell the spectator to memorize there card while you do this cut the top of the deck off and grab the bottom half.

Let the Spectator place there card on the top half of the deck.
place the bottom half on top of there card.

Now You have just placed the 2 of spades on top of the spectators 4 of hearts.

You can then cut the deck 2 or 3 times because the chances of you cutting exactly in between the 2 of spades and 4 of hearts is nearly impossible.

After you have cut the card look through them and tell your spectator to focus on there card. Look for your 2 spades and the card below it will be there selected card 4 of hearts. This is were the crazy acting comes into play watch professional mentalist and you will see that most if not all will do something funny before they reveal there feat!

Well there you have our first ever card magic trick revealed!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Magic News Criss Angel Walks on Water for the second time

Criss Angel walks on water agian but this time does on a lake with in a 2 hour drive from my house. Though i did not have the chance to see him preform it. As always with Criss Angel I do not believe i could have seen him do this even if I was there because it seems like the "audience" was over acting a bit. I have my theories on how its done but I will not reveal anything hear so have fun with figuring out this puzzle the link to the video is right here.

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p.s What's with the Beard?