Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And You thought i would Forget?

Hello everyone It's time for your Weekly Random How to!

Today we are going to learn how to make a dry ice bomb WHOA HOO! Nerdy Anarchy!

Here's what you you will need:
Thick Gloves ( Yes they are a must)

Dry Ice ( Available at most grocery stores ask a worker but you may have to be 18 years old to buy)

A water bottle( or two liter soda bottle )

Water ( if you can't find water then you have more to worry about than making dry ice bombs)

Alright here's how to create you own little explosive

1. First take your empty water bottle and take off the cap.

2.Take out your dry ice and break off a piece by breaking it WITH GLOVES! ( Don't Touch it!)

3. Put about 5 small ice cube sized pieces of dry ice into the bottle.

4. Pour in water to about half way.

5. Quickly Screw on the top very tight! (that's what she said)

6. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. When your about 50 ft away sit and wait and wait and wait and...BANG!!!

And there you have it that's what how to make a dry ice bomb have fun and be safe and all that legal stuff about how i am not responsible for you hurting yourself or anyone or anything else and what not. Have fun and come back next week for another random how to and follow me on twitter so you can know if we have any mid week updates! Follow buttons right up in the corner so Click it!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Here's a New Post Finally!

Guess what!?! We are going to learn how to hypnotise a chicken today WooHoo!

Now you may be asking now Tyler why would i want to know how to hypnotise a chicken? Well let me ask you this why wouldn't you want to hypnotise a chicken? You could pretend your some mystic chicken whisperer or one with the animals and all that fun stuff. So with out futher ado i bring the forbidden art of chicken hypnotism!

Step 1
Get a chicken

step 2
Take said chicken a place it on its side with one wing flat agianst the ground.( make sure you don't fold its leg or wing it might hurt the poor chicken)

step 3
Take a stick (or your finger if you have practiced) and place it infront of it's eyes and quickly draw three straight lines in the dirt very quickly.

step 4
If the chicken does not go into a trance the first time wait about 5 seconds and repeat the same process with the stick (keeping the chicken on it's side the whole time) continue until the chicken has been put into a trance.

step 5
If you are successful the Chicken will lie there in a trance like state and will not move untill you make a loud noise like clapping your hands. When you clap your hands the chicken will make a "squack" then jump up walking around confused.

Step 6 The Conclusion
This will not Harm the chicken in anyway if done properly. It is used many times by farmers to settle a chicken down to give it medicine, to see if it is injuried and you know chicken things.
If I here anyone out there is hurting chickens doing this I am going to come a find you and give you the sternest talking to you have ever seen! So have fun be nice and go become a legendary chicken whisperer in your nieghborhood.

Check back next week for more random howto and check my twitter to see if i have added any new stuff throughout the week.