Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Here's a New Post Finally!

Guess what!?! We are going to learn how to hypnotise a chicken today WooHoo!

Now you may be asking now Tyler why would i want to know how to hypnotise a chicken? Well let me ask you this why wouldn't you want to hypnotise a chicken? You could pretend your some mystic chicken whisperer or one with the animals and all that fun stuff. So with out futher ado i bring the forbidden art of chicken hypnotism!

Step 1
Get a chicken

step 2
Take said chicken a place it on its side with one wing flat agianst the ground.( make sure you don't fold its leg or wing it might hurt the poor chicken)

step 3
Take a stick (or your finger if you have practiced) and place it infront of it's eyes and quickly draw three straight lines in the dirt very quickly.

step 4
If the chicken does not go into a trance the first time wait about 5 seconds and repeat the same process with the stick (keeping the chicken on it's side the whole time) continue until the chicken has been put into a trance.

step 5
If you are successful the Chicken will lie there in a trance like state and will not move untill you make a loud noise like clapping your hands. When you clap your hands the chicken will make a "squack" then jump up walking around confused.

Step 6 The Conclusion
This will not Harm the chicken in anyway if done properly. It is used many times by farmers to settle a chicken down to give it medicine, to see if it is injuried and you know chicken things.
If I here anyone out there is hurting chickens doing this I am going to come a find you and give you the sternest talking to you have ever seen! So have fun be nice and go become a legendary chicken whisperer in your nieghborhood.

Check back next week for more random howto and check my twitter to see if i have added any new stuff throughout the week.

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