Thursday, August 8, 2013

“Only One Of These Tips Will Help You Study For Finals”

Hello everyone Tyler here and with finals coming up or even starting for some I am going to give you the One mentalism tip that is going to help you study!

First lets eliminate three myths of “study tips” 

1. “Cramming is bad”: Cramming is not bad at all. It’s not the most effective way to learn something long term but in terms of getting the information into your head and putting back on paper for a test cramming is as effective as regimented study and sometimes even more effective.

2. “Don’t Drink Caffeine”: Caffeine isn’t going to hurt your studying at all in fact some studies show that an energy drink taken 1 hour prior to taking a test will increase your test scores! So let the coffee flow freely!

3. “Stay up all night studying”: Pulling an “all nighter” for a test is a very bad idea. Your brain needs 8-10 hours of sleep to assimilate the data you have been cramming into it and needs that time to put it into an easily retrievable system. If it’s between studying more or being well rested choose to be well rested.

Finally the one tip to help you during finals is musical anchoring. Pick a different genre of music for each of the subjects you need to study for and play that type of music while you study different subjects. This will help your brain to keep your German test information out of the Calculus sections of your information making it much easier to remember your information and making your brain’s sleep assimilation all the more effective.

Oh one final suggestion before going into your test play the music type for that subject on your headphones until you Professor tells you it’s time to turn off your electronics.

Tyler Sass Sample Mix
Theory of consciousness: trance music
German: Baroque
Theology: Hymns
Acts: Rap
Ethnographic Field methods: Techno

The Type of Music doesn’t matter except make Baroque and Rap music be on your two hardest classes because it will stimulate Alpha brain patterns.

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