Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Different Types of Magic

Hi there this is Tyler again here to let you be "in the know" when it comes to magic terms.

Today i will discuss the 4 different types of magic. (There is much controversy on the types of magic but i will let you know what i personally refer to the types of magic.

close up magic: Close up magic is magic performed with smaller objects for a smaller group 1-10 people this includes card tricks, coin tricks and any thing performed up close. This is some times called "street" magic but that term was just used to make a T.V. magician's special look like he was doing something different.(No offense Blaine your magic is great)

Parlor Magic: These are tricks performed for a slightly larger audience than close up the size is 15- 50 people. This can be a birthday parties, restaurant shows etc. These generally use large and shiny object like sponge balls, rope and linking rings.

Stage Magic: Now where talking! This is the big time magic. This is what David Copperfield and Lance Burton do. These are huge shows with elaborate set up and fancy tricks which are performed on a stage or theater. Audience size ranges from 300- 1000's. These include tricks like sawing a lady in half, human vanishes and appearances, fire and animal tricks.

Mentalism: This is the odd ball of the family of magic. Many magicians consider mentalism to not be a type of magic but a different thing entirely. This ranges from showing your mental prowess to mind reading. audience size can range anywhere from 1-1000's. These can be stage shows or a private reading of one person. Tricks range from memorizing a deck of cards order, reading your mind and moving object with your mind. If it involves the mind its probably mentalism.

Here is an example of how a card trick would be classified.
The Trick
The magician makes a signed card repeatedly come to the top after be placed in the deck.

First this would be called a close up trick

Close up
then it would be classified as card magic.
Close up card magic.
This particular type of trick is called an ambitious card routine
Close up
Card magic
Ambitious Card Routine
Then its given the name of its creator will use David Blane.

So it would look like this, "I saw close up magician performing card magic the other day. He did David Blaine's Ambitious Card routine."

Note: After the Ambitious Card Routine and Name it is sometimes broken down into its sleights and parts that make up the trick.

There you go now you know how to classify any type of trick have fun!

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