Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Magician's Language

Hello everyone my name is Tyler and I am a professional magician this is my first blog so i thought i would give a list of beginner words for you to learn don't worry i kept it down to three new words for you so you wont take to long reading. =]

So do you want to look cool at the next magic show. Want to make the magician feel good next time you see one? Well now you can! Here is a list of a few words that will make you sound like a magic pro!

Do not call a magic trick "magic trick". Many people believe you are suppose to say illusion which is also not correct. Magician's refer to them as "Effects" or "Magic Effects".

Used in a sentence: (magician has preformed a coin trick) "Mr. Magician that was great coin effect."

When a magician preforms a difficult looking act whether it be shuffling or gambling tricks do not call it "amazing slieght of hand ". This is both silly sounding and incorrect because a slieght is a move that is done without the audience noticing. Instead say that was a great "Manipulation Act".

Used in a sentence: (after a magician has done a complex shuffle and still finds the aces) "That was an amazing Manipulation Act."

When a magician does a long series of similar tricks that are connected together do not say that one part of the act was really great. Instead say that was a great Routine. Routine means that you enjoyed the entire string of tricks that he blended together.

Used in a sentence: (a magician makes a spectators card rise to the top over and over) "Mr. Magician i really enjoyed that card routine of yours."

well that should do for my first blog well until next time.

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