Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How to Bring a Dead Fly Back to Life!!!

I am back to my blog and have more amazing howto random's for you than ever before.

Today's how to random will be two ways to bring a fly back to life!

Thats right people you will be like a level 10 healer bringing the dead fly's to life.

Here's technique number one!

This first technique is actually a magic trick but it will give the illusion that you can bring a dead fly back to life.

What you will need:
1 live fly
1 ziplock baggy/ glass and paper
1 freezer

How To Do It:
Yo will need to find a fly I recommend looking around window seals that is were fly's seem to hang out. To capture the fly you will need to use you amazing animal hunting instincts to be victorious.
You must now catch the fly with out harming it. To do this you will take the plastic baggy and open it up very wide. slowly lower this over the fly and it will fly into the bag. This works because for the first few seconds of flight fly's can only fly upward. ( Try saying that a 137 times fast). If you are using a cup and paper just lower the cup over the fly like the baggy and once its flat on the surface slide the paper under the lid and WALA! you have a fly in a cup.

Now take you Enslaved Fly and through him into your torture freezer of death! MWHAHA!
Leave him in there for 5 to 10 mins of pure icy agony!(on a side note this does not hurt the fly)
after 5-10 mins open up your freezer to find your poor dead fly lying on the bottom of your bag.

But wait when you remove him place him on your hand and begin to blow on him with hot breath. What was that! did you see a leg twitch? I think I hear something! could it be? have you just breathed life into the dead Fly? It lives! its flying away! You have saved the fly it's a miracle! or is it?
well the less amazing answer is that when a fly gets real cold it goes into a coma to save it's self from the cold. This coma will last as long as you don't let him get too warm. So to amaze someone simple freeze your fly and then place it in a shady window seal. Tell your friend that you are "one with nature" and can revive animals. Pick up your frozen fly and place it on your hand and blow on it and it will slowly come to life and then you will appear to bring a fly back to life and your friend will think you are a magic animal healer!

That's all there is to it for reviving a fly the magic trick way but what about really saving a fly's life can it be done. Yes my young padawon it can be done.

Method number 2

How to Save a Life!(of a fly)

What you will need:
a fly that has drown
a napkin

For this amazing real life saving technique you must find a fly that has recently drowned. when you find your drowned fly take him out of the water. Take some salt and sprinkle it on a napkin.
place the fly on the salty napkin ad rub him in it. The salt will absorb the water and it will bring the fly back to life. This will only work if the fly has recently drowned so it may not work every time. Still you will feel like a bug vet when it works and it is really fun to do when your bored.

Well there's your random how to check back in next week for more random how to's and follow me on twitter so you can get updates on early how to's and random facts! until next week good bye!

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