Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kiwi Fun Facts!!!

Today on howto random you are going to learn some amazing facts facts about one of my favorite flightless birds the Kiwi!

Awwwww look at that little guy it's a scientific fact that if you don't think that the kiwi is at least a little bit adorable that you are possessed and must seek a exorcist immediately this is not a joke only you can prevent soul stealing.

Here is Kiwi fun fact #1
A kiwi get's it's name from the sound it makes when it is excited or scared. It says KEE WEE KEE WEE!!!! Thats right people this bird is like a living pokemon it says its name omg!

Kiwi Fun Fact # 2
A kiwi gives birth to the largest egg in proportion to its body. A full grown kiwi is about the size of a chicken and it gives birth to an egg the size of a ostrich egg. Let me put that into perspective for you ladies that would be like a 100 pound girl giving birth to a 65 pound baby.... Ow!!!!

Poor little kiwi! =(

Kiwi fun fact # 3 Kiwi's are believed to be under the protection of the Earth God in Native Mari belief. Therefore there feathers are very prized items as they are used in many native rituals.

( This guy says "DON'T MESS WITH MY KIWIS!")

Kiwi fun fact # 4
Kiwis get married aww!
That's right once a the cute little kiwi chooses his girl he sticks with her for life just like us!

And there you have it folks 4 kiwi fun facts for you to impress all your friends with! Remember there is know better pick up line for the ladies than hey do you know much about the adorable flightless bird known as the kiwi? well would you like to hear about them?

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RastaPasta said...

That was ...enlightening. Nice original blog here, followed :)

Zed said...

Kiwis are awesome! And pretty cute :3

Rob said...

Paha cheers for the fun facts