Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here is your random How to

What amazing thing will you learn today? How about how to say the alphebet backwords!
You can amaze all your friends with your neat little skill heres how.

First is this sentence
ZeXY West Virgina and Utah people are Totally Stoked and Realized the Question on the PONd is Martin Luther King Just Isn't Home Grown FED up with these remarks he said your a Cat Butt Ape.

Zexy is Sexy with at Z to remember ZYX
West Virgina and Utah is WVU
people are Totally Stoked TS
and Realized the Question RQ
on the PONd PON
is Martin Luther King MLK
Just Isn't Home Grown JIHG
FED up with these remarks FED
Cat Butt Ape CBA

So you memorized the silly sentence which will allow you to remember the alphabet much easier
Heres the alphabet backwords and forwards so you can practice You should get it with in about 10 to 15 mins.


Have Fun, practice and make your friends think your a genius! Just tell them you have never tried this before and do say it backwards it makes it look more difficult.

See ya tomorrow with more random info!

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