Friday, July 24, 2009

Here's some random info on this Friday!

Here's how to memorize ten things with ease just remember these rhymingwords

(the number rhymes with the word) 1 gun is One Gun

1. Gun
2. Shoe
3. Tree
4. Torn
5. Alive
6. Mix
7. Heaven
8. Hate
9. Mine
10. Hen

Now to remember a list like
eggs, milk and cheese

You do this
Step 1
in your head say 1 gun
Step 2. Imagine a funny vivid image involving eggs and a gun.
ex.( I take out a gun and shoot an egg and explodes into a million parts)
all of this should take no more than 3 to 5 seconds and now you will remember the eggs.
Just repeat these steps but change gun for the next number
ex.( for 2. milk) ( Stepping on a jug of milk with Cleats and it sprays milk everywhere!)

Remember it doesn't matter how stupid illogical or nonsensical the idea is in fact the more outrageous the statement the easier it is for you to remember it.

That's it for today have fun memorizing things like a savant and impressing your friends. see ya tomorrow!

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