Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hi everyone an now for todays Random How To!

Today we have a cool magic trick for you!

The Effect
A glass of water has pepper sprinkled on top of it. A spectator then places the tip of a tooth pick into the glass and alas nothing happens. Then the magical wizard (thats you) places the toothpick into the glass and the WAZAMOOO!!!! the pepper shoots to the edges of the glass. Step Back and bask in the glory of your amazing pepper moving skills.

The Trick
The secret lies in the tooth pick. Before the trick begins dip the end of the tooth pick in a liqud hand soap then rub it in so its invisible. Give the tooth pick to the specator with the soap side facing up. They will place the non soap side in and nothing will happen. Then secretly flip the toothpick over as you take it from the spectator. Make some magicial gestures and dip it into the pepper water and watch the pepper shoot across.

Thats it make sure you practice and make it look good before you show your friends!
And most of all Come back next week on tuesday for your new random thing to learn it might be magic it might just be some cool facts or news but one things for sure it will be fun and entertaining! see you next week!

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