Thursday, June 16, 2011

Friday 6/16/2011

I am going to be doing my usual show at TGIF's my goal is to use hypnosis to stick at least one girls hand to the table by the end of night! I let you know how that goes on Saturday.

Here is an extra special treat for my followers who don't just read the Saturday post!

Tyler's Quick Guide To A Confusion Induction! (ZOMG REALLY?!?!) =O

For the sake of brevity and sanity I will leave out the psychological mumbo jumbo and just tell you what to do!

Step One

Find a friend. If you don't have one then may I suggest looking at this diagram produced by the great mind of our time Dr. Sheldon Cooper

Step Two

Get you friend on a pattern of thought for example talking to them about a new movie or video game!

Step Three
In the response to a comment from your friend about said video game,using the same tone as you did in the previous statement about said video games, say "you know my wall at home isn't three feet high?

Step Four
You have just created a huge amount of confusion in your friends brain now comes the fun part tell him to do something or suggest a new topic in an athoritative tone like "Take out the trash" or "buy a pizza" or "have you been to the zoo lately?" he will respond to simple commands about 75% of the time and switch topic at least 85%

Step Five
Feel like a boss because you just did a real life jedi mind trick awww snap!

Thats my present to my dedicated readers thank you for being random in life but consistent in reading! Until next time stay random randomeers!


Brofessor Neeko said...

lol real life jedi mind trick. this sounds amazing!

linkszee said...

hahah YES! im gonna try that jedi mind trick for sure!!! Good luck with the show friday!

Anonymous said...

"Take out the trash" I'm going to try that on the best friend.

Harmonica Guy said...

OMG! Hahaha!
Women are experts in this subjects. They just do it naturally!

D3N00B1F13D™ said...

Nice flowchart!


Hash said...

Oke.. thanks!

Apple said...

I'll have to try it, then. Nice TBBT reference, btw.

Yehlyre said...

dude so cool im going to try this.

LightStand said...

Amazing, i really want to try this!