Friday, June 17, 2011

Saturday 6/18/11 Epic Post!!!!

How to be a psychological pickpocket! (ZOMG ONE OF TYLER'S SIGNATURE TRICKS!?!?!)

Alright imagine for a moment that I told you that you could get your friend to empty his pockets give you all his stuff and forget that he did it? Would you be stoked? maybe even a little skeptical? GET OUT NONBELIEVER!!!! No I'm joking but I am going to teach you how to do it!

Disclaimer: Do not under any circumstances use this to steal stuff from people. That is messed up also it has a clear possibility for failure which would result in you getting your teeth knocked in. So don't be an idiot and just use this for pranks with your friend.

(Before any of that to answer your question from yesterday, yes I did stick a girls hand to the table!)

You will need a friend and a deck of cards.

Step One
Approach your friend and tell him you are going to show him a magic trick.

Step Two
Ask if he has a wallet/cellphone (whichever you desire to take) take out two playing cards hand him one card in exchange for his item and act like you are measuring it with the card. Say "hmm maybe..." and place the item in your pocket.

Step three
tell him to clip both cards in his hand and hold the tightly and that you will make them switch places.

Step four
Start banging his hands together,not to hard, but firmly. ask for a number between one and ten. and shake his hands that many times.

Step five
Say look they changed. He will look confused as they have not changed at this exact moment say "oh sorry forget about it now, let me show you another trick." (you must use those exact words at the moment of confusion.)

Step Six
Proceed to show him another trick with cards which you could find in some of my early blog entries.

Step Seven

Wait for him to be amazed by trick ask if he liked it and walk away with his item. unbenounced to you, I just made you make use of very advanced hypnotic techniques that if done exactly as described here will work almost all the time! Your victim will forget his object and go along his merry way he might remember after 10 mins though when the hypnotic amnesia wears off.

Thats all for today randomeers! Go out there and fool your friends and remember stay random!


D3N00B1F13D™ said...

Haha that's just genius!

Gotta try that.

Sulter said...

Haha cool, gotta try it out.

Anonymous said...

Cool, going to give it a try.

chillmastor said...

Have you tried that trick before?

Salted Plum said...

... surely the word is "unbeknown"

It's a good trick. It reminds me of the trick where you give somebody change for a bill, more than the bill, and then trade back and forth until you come out with more money.

Rob said...

Sounds like something I'll have to try!

Harmonica Guy said...

Women are expert in this subject and do this naturally. It's scary.

Byakuya said...

Rofl I'll try this, sounds really epic man great post.

Mr. Cactus said...

I will have to try this... on a friend of course.

Jon Dujaka said...

Wow, am so gonna try this, hope it works.

Yehlyre said...

ahahhahah sounds like an amazing prank! Is that how desperate magicians get by?! xP

LightStand said...

Nice, i'm so going to try this on my friends!

Apple said...

Nice trick, did it work for you?.

FSD said...

Have you ever tried this trick? Does it work?

Zed said...

Woah I NEED to try this!